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Put down that supermarket glass cleaner, take off the rubber gloves and pick up the phone. Call us today and let the experts at Window People clean and restore your shower glass for you. We will work our magic to remove those pesky hard water stains, mineral deposits and soap scum that you've been battling with and leave your glass clean and crystal clear.


Call us now to get your shower glass professionally cleaned and save yourself the time, hassle and frustration of trying to do it yourself.

We’re a local cleaning company and provide shower glass cleaning services anywhere in Auckland. If you’re in the CBD, North Shore, West, East or South Auckland, we will visit you.

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We're available to clean your shower glass anywhere in Auckland. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Hard water stains, mineral deposits and soap scum are no match for us!

We have the right equipment, products and know-how to clean and restore your shower glass with amazing results.

Our Shower Glass Cleaning Auckland service includes:

  • Hard water & mineral deposit removal - First we apply hard water removal paste over your shower glass, then we start polishing all glass surfaces with the help of a small amount of water. We do this procedure in sections until we completely remove all mineral deposits from every inch of your glass. This process normally takes around 3 hours after which we rinse and dry everything without leaving a single drop of water behind.

  • Glass sealer -  When everything is looking sharp we apply a glass sealer to prevent future mineral deposits and water marks. We always recommend to remove any excess water from your glass surface with a small squeegee after every use helping to maintain your glass after our restoration service. We also advise our customers to have their shower glass cleaned and restored every 6 months depending on how hard the water is in your area.


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Our shower glass cleaning services are affordable but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. To find out what it will cost to clean your shower glass request a free, no-obligation quote now.


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Our friendly team will turn up on time and clean your shower glass to perfection.


You’re left with beautifully clean, crystal-clear shower glass.

Avoid Costly Glass Replacement

Replacing your shower glass is expensive! Even if you think your shower glass is beyond cleaning and restoration give us a call first. We can assess your glass and provide you with honest advice on what can be done and what you can expect from our service.

Leave it to the Experts

Save yourself the time, hassle and chore of having to clean your shower glass yourself. We use professional-grade glass polishing machines, products and techniques to ensure your shower glass is cleaned properly and thoroughly the first time round.

About Us

Window People is locally owned and operated in Auckland by Hernan Castillo and Anna. We’re a small business which means that we are able to provide a personalised service to our customers and ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard. It brings us a great deal of satisfaction to see our customers happy, but enough from us, this is what our customers have to say about our services...

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

This is determined on a case by case basis, your location and how much work your glass requires. Cost is generally calculated on service required and length of time to complete the job. Our standard rate is $175+GST for a 3 hour service.

How long does it take?

It depends on how old and how damaged your shower glass is. Our technician will give you an approximate time for each service onsite. In most cases , shower glass restoration could be completed in approximately 3 hours.

What does Shower Glass Restoration mean?

Our service offers a full polish of your shower glass which will remove hard water stains and mineral deposits from your glass. After we remove all water marks from your shower, a glass sealer is applied to prevent future marks.

How long until I can use my shower again?

We only use high quality products for your shower glass cleaning. You can use your shower as soon as we finish applying the sealer on your glass. Your shower will look brand new once again as soon as we finish its restoration. 

My shower is 15 years old, Can an old shower glass still be restored?

Definitely yes, an old shower glass can be restored. In some Auckland areas, the damage caused by minerals in water is more severe than in other areas, damaging your glass in different ways . Our technicians have quality equipment and the knowledge to ensure a major improvement on your shower glass even in extreme cases.

How do I maintain my restored shower glass ?

There is no secret to this. Other companies will try to sell you an extra product or further maintenance services in order to keep your shower glass clean however it's as easy as keeping a small plastic squeegee in your shower cubicle. After every use, remove any excess water which will take you less than 10 seconds! This simple tip will keep your shower looking like new after we complete our shower glass cleaning service. No secrets, no cost and very simple. Always remember, there is no such thing as lifetime protection for shower glass stains. 

How do I make my booking?

Just give us a call or text your enquiry to 021 278 1110 with details of what you require including your address and how many showers you would like cleaned. Our staff will give you an approximate quote and once we hear back from you, we will then confirm a booking time for you.

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