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Hernan and Anna started WINDOW PEOPLE  as a small company providing high quality window cleaning and personalised house maintenance services for residential and commercial owners in Auckland Area .


As window cleaners we can provide a professional , reliable and affordable service such as window cleaning ( windows, skylights, balustrades, pool fences and mirrors ), gutter cleaning, commercial window cleaning and shower stain removal. 

Please contact us if you want a one off clean or a regular service. Integrity and commitment are the key to all our work.


Whether you put up your house for sale or you just want your windows sparkling clean, we provide home window cleaning services, including balustrades, skylights, pool fences, and mirrors.





what WE DO

Window People provides high quality, reliable, and affordable Window Cleaning and Shower Glass Restoration services for residential and commercial spaces in Auckland, New Zealand.


Windows allow natural light into your workspace. Be it your storefront, office internal partition, or showroom, we can help clean it for you. Even the highest and hard-to-reach windows will receive our greatest attention. Our commercial window cleaning service is top-notch.

Cleaning your gutter regularly is integral in maintaining your home or a commercial building. Our gutter cleaning service will remove solid debris like leaves, moss, mud, or plant growth from your gutter, to ensure that you can save money from repairing your roof cavity and walls.



Glass balustrades and pool fences can enhance the appearance of your home or commercial space. As such, we can provide cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that it looks its best for a long time.

Have you tried every cleaning product in the supermarket to clean your shower glass only to have less than satisfying results? We can help you remove hard water stain, mineral deposit, soap scum in your shower glass.


We offer a one-off or regular window cleaning service in the Auckland area, and we ensure that it is professional and affordable. Call us today at +64 21 278 1110 to get a free quote!


We clean & Restore Shower Glass Auckland-wide

Put down that supermarket glass cleaner, take off the rubber gloves and pick up the phone. Call us today and let the experts at Window People clean and restore your shower glass for you. We will work our magic to remove those pesky hard water stains, mineral deposits and soap scum that you've been battling with and leave your glass clean and crystal clear.


Call us now to get your shower glass professionally cleaned and save yourself the time, hassle and frustration of trying to do it yourself.

We’re a local cleaning company and provide shower glass cleaning services anywhere in Auckland. If you’re in the CBD, North Shore, West, East or South Auckland, we will visit you.


pure water system

Pure water is free of any Total Dissolved Solids. We use a 3 stage filtration process that removes all minerals and solids from the water giving us ‘Pure Water’ with this we can achieve amazing results safely and in a cost effective way.

Tap water contains “dissolved solids” ( calcium, magnesium, fluoride, chlorine, etc).So if you had a nice clean window and then decided to pour normal tap water over it and just left it to dry, you would end up seeing little water marks all over the window. The water evaporates off the window but the “dissolved solids” don’t .


We can reach up to high or difficult windows that would have usually been too risky to clean and it’s a lot safer as our feet are firmly on the ground operating the telescopic pole.


It definitely has revolutionised the window cleaning industry.

IMG_5405 (3).jpg
IMG_5405 (3).jpg


Awesome result. Sparkling clean shower glass finally after trying all sorts of products. Very happy. Highly recommend. Prompt response and easy to book a time and day.

Sharon B. ( Westmere )


Contact us now for a FREE no obligation quote on 

+ 64 21 278 1110   or

Quotes can be provided in person ,email or over the phone depending on your location and window cleaning requirements 

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